Services & Benefits

Your Dayton Chamber Membership

Belonging to the Dayton Chamber of Commerce is a tradition that adds credibility to your business!

  • Leading organizations and businesses in our country are member of the chamber of commerce in their cities and states
  • The Dayton Chamber of Commerce partners with the Rhea Economic & Tourism Council as well as with MainStreet Dayton
  • The chamber adds quality of life to our community
  • Your brochures and business cards can be displayed in the Welcome Center
  • Monthly Coffee Events…Promote your business at monthly coffees by hosting a coffee or attending coffees
  • Monthly Meet & Greet events...Promote your business at monthly M&G's by hosting or attending an event
  • Annual Chamber Banquet…a networking opportunity. Information tables are available for you to promote your business
  • Annual Christmas Open House…Chamber’s way to thank members and just one more way to network

Your Chamber Membership also includes:

  • MEMBERSHIP DIRECTORY — your business will be listed in the Dayton Chamber of Commerce Membership Directory which is distributed to all Dayton Chamber Members
  • NEWSLETTER — the Dayton Chamber “CONNECTION”, our monthly newsletter keeps you informed of business news and chamber activities. As a Dayton Chamber member you can advertise free of charge, all you do is provide the information
  • NEWCOMER & RELOCATION PACKETS — the Dayton Chamber is our community’s front door. We provide newcomer and relocation packets in response to inquiries from the chamber’s website, e-mail requests, real estate agents and in person requests. These packages include information and promotional items provided by Dayton Chamber members
  • NETWORKING EVENTS — opportunities are provided for you to make valuable business contacts at the monthly Chamber coffees, Annual Banquet, Christmas Open House, Annual Golf Classic, etc
  • REFERALS — the Dayton Chamber refers Dayton Chamber members first when answering inquiries about local products, businesses and services
  • RIBBON CUTTINGS & GRAND OPENINGS – the Dayton Chamber Board Members and Ambassadors will provide promotional assistance to your business during grand openings or expansions
  • WEBSITE (Recently Redesigned) — free listing with detailed description of your business in the membership section of the Dayton Chamber’s website
  • OTHER BENEFITS — receive a discount on our community room rental fee and attend complimentary seminars and workshops sponsored by the Dayton Chamber of Commerce
  • GET INVOLVED — we encourage you to get the most out of your Dayton Chamber membership by becoming involved in a Dayton Chamber program, project or event. Listed below are some of the annual events planned to fulfill the Dayton Chambers mission to advance the commercial, industrial, educational, recreational, civic and general interest of the city of Dayton and Rhea County. Please contact the Dayton Chamber office for more information.


Download Membership Application


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