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Gathering Place, The
Angie Kerr
1435 Market Street, Dayton, 37321
Phone: 775-2345

General Shale Brick
Kimberly Dawson
241 Hoyal Lane, Spring City, 37381
Phone: 423-365-2444, Fax: 423-365-4085

Glaze Supply Co., Inc.
Tim Morgan
1220 Market Street, Dayton, 37321
Phone: 775-4313, Fax: 775-4317

Goins Heating and Air Conditioning
Malcolm Goins
132 Pikeville Avenue P.O. Box 52, Graysville, 37338
Phone: 423-775-0773, Fax: 423-775-3894

Grandview Mountain Cottages
Ilaeka B. Villa
2392 Possum Trot Road, Grandview, 37337
Phone: 423-365-4412

Grimy Girl Boutique
Leigh Anna Graves
1396 Market Street, Dayton, 37321
Phone: 423-428-9500

Grimy Girl Boutique
Leana Granes
1396 Market St., Dayton, 37321
Phone: 423-428-9508


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