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Harting, Bishop & Arrendale, CPA's
Kelvin Bishop
1040 Williams Way, NW, Cleveland, 37312
Phone: 423-472-6543, Fax: 423-472-6544

Herald-News, The
Sara Jane Locke
3687 Rhea County Highway P.O. Box 286, Dayton, 37321
Phone: 775-6111

Holiday Inn Express - Dayton
Tessa Moody
2650 Rhea County Highway, Dayton, 37321
Phone: 570-0080

Hospice of Chattanooga
Garry Mac
7693 Rhea County Highway, Suite 4, Dayton, 37321
Phone: 570-0101, Fax: 775-2953

Howard Johnson
Jennifer Freeman
22500 Rhea County Highway, Spring City, 37381
Phone: 365-9191, Fax: 365-9191

HumBug Pest Control
Clay & Angela Elledge
P.O. Box 2508, Dunlap, 37327
Phone: 423-447-7254, Fax: 423-447-7252


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