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Dave Sekura
370 Fort Bluff Camp Road, Dayton, 37321
Phone: 775-0488, Fax: 423-775-1968

Jeff Smith
1380 Maley Hollow Road, Dayton, 37321
Phone: 423-775-0331, Fax: 423-775-1233

Nationwide, Mike Dyer Agency
Mike Dyer
1158 Market Street, Dayton, 37321
Phone: 775-3011, Fax: 775-3026

Tim Wilkey
P.O. Box 327 P.O. Box 327, Dayton, 37321
Phone: 570-7741

New Union Baptist Church
Carly McAuley
4060 Double S Road, Dayton, 37321
Phone: 775-0515, Fax: 775-9877

Nokian Tyres
Wes Boling
501 Union Street #200A, Nashville, 37219
Phone: 629-204-0702

NOVAtech, Inc.
Daniel Henderson
1936 Central Avenue, Chattanooga, 37408
Phone: 423-305-7799


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