Bryan Opera Theatre

This year, the Brian Opera Theatre will be performing two delightfully funny one act operas.
The Old Maid and the Thief is easily relatable for anyone who has lived in a small town. Lonely spinster miss Todd and her man hungry maid, , invite a good-looking beggar named Bob into their home. To keep him there, the women resort to more and more outrageous behavior.
La Serva Padrona: Uberto has raised the young Serpina as his servant and now laments her insubordination. They argue constantly about trivial matters. Serpina has something else on her mind and with the help of the silent servant, Vespone, tricks Uberto into marrying her. In a fashion that will be repeated subsequently in many of the great opera buffa, Uberto inexplicably falls in love with her at that moment, and the couple are overjoyed at their engagement.

Fee: Non-Bryan Students/Seniors - $8
        Adults - $10

Open to the public



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