Trinity Chapel welcomes...

The Trinity Chapel located at 240 First Avenue in Dayton, TN  37321 welcomes Folk-Rock/Americana Duo featuring Tammy Rochelle and Joseph Bamber on September 29th. Doors open at 6:30 and the concert starts at 7 pm. 

Chasing Summer is an international folk/rock duo whose music can be described as stomp-clapping, newgrass-infused Americana, known for their soulful style and rich harmonies.

Composed of Nashville solo artists Tammy Rochelle and Joseph Bamber, Chasing Summer delivers genuine, authentic lyrics, infectious melodies, and uplifting beats, completed by a rich blend of ethnic and traditional instruments. Trading vocal leads and “milk and honey” harmonies, the romantic duo weaves hints of old-time folk and bluegrass into their diverse and engaging set lists. Ukulele and mandolin grooves fill out their catchy originals like “I Want You” and “Lemon Bars.”

$10 admission fee.



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