Dayton Chamber Member of the Month

Dayton Chamber Member of the Month

Congratulations Keener Marketing for being nominated and elected the February 2024 Dayton Chamber   Member of the Month. Keener Marketing currently has 13 employees and have been in business and in Dayton for 44 years. Keener Marketing is a full service advertising and design agency that is equipped to help with the community’s marketing, signage and printing needs. 

The most surprising thing about the business is “marketing is a constantly evolving field that demands people to stay current with the latest trends, but we are surprised at how often traditional marketing techniques prove to be the key to helping our clients. We have learned that marketing is a delicate mix of new and trendy with tried and true.”

The best thing about it business is “definitely the people. Our services allow us to meet a variety of people from different fields and backgrounds. Everyone who walks through our door has a unique project, making our jobs exciting. We love hearing people’s stories and helping them accomplish their goals whether they are restaurant owners, artists, entrepreneurs, or someone who just wants help with a gift for a loved one”.

Keener Marketing is thrilled to announce new ownership!!! Julie York and Holly Didona-Crump have bought Keener Marketing from Margie Wertz. They are excited to take on the new endeavor and  continue growing the company as well as expand services, starting with digital marketing”.

“Shopping local means a lot to us. We provide services that locals would otherwise need to go to Chattanooga or shop online for. We offer free consultations before the beginning of a project, and services range from  traditional printing, commercial printing, signage, promo materials, banners and more.